Restaurant food is made the way on average. Apart from the advantages of homemade foods, there are many health benefits which you will get. Processed foods, frequently served in restaurants or available in premade meals from the grocery store, tend to be high in sodium, fat and added sugars. Homemade food taste better than the restaurant food. With your busy life, you might find it easier and faster to grab fast food on your way home from work. In home we can make food as our choice. Homemade food is better than fast food because it’s healthy, cheaper, and you control what’s in your food. When it comes to cooking, the adage that "practice makes perfect" applies. From fries to burgers to chicken, fast food is packed with salt to boost the food's flavor. Beside it do not contain enough protein for the body. There is no waiting time as time is served and consumed instantly. But this convenience comes at a price. Fast food can be defined as food that is easily and quickly prepared and is sold in restaurants and snack bars as … Research has shown that homemade meals tend to be healthier than takeaway. Food is the most important thing that keeps us alive so we have to choose wisely on what we eat. So it holds up the taste of us. Fast foods significantly save on time. It is made as the way we like. But some people choose to eat meals that are giving to you in less than five minutes than a meal that takes thirty or more minutes. Food is prepared within a few minutes and is ready for consumption. One popular fast food burger has upwards of 1,000 milligrams of sodium per serving – more than 40 percent of your daily limit – and a larger order of fries adds another 400 milligrams. Eating at home allows you to control the ingredients in your food, so you can use natural ingredients instead of unhealthy processed foods. Such individuals regularly consume fast foods from restaurants. You can start from simple meals and move on to more expansive delicacies, and with time and constant practice, you will cook better than most chefs. Fast Food More than 14, 350 McDonald’s restaurants in the United States alone, and over 18, 875 KFC’s worldwide, only goes to reflect the popularity of fast food all over the world.