This propaganda conveyance occurs in an agate ring stone from the late thirties BC; it depicts Augustus as Neptune, riding the waves over his enemy’s head.16 This image is metaphorically reflected as propaganda in the Aeneid, after Neptune calms the storm thrashing Aeneas and his fleet. In this way, Augustus is the god Neptune, bringing calm to a Roman state shattered by civil war.17 … How Augustus used Propaganda to maintain his power in Rome. Anchises begins to talk of future heroes of the Roman world, and in the midst of the his prophecy, he begins of Caesar Augustus by saying, �Here, here is the man, Whom many a time thou hearest promised to thee, Augustus Caesar, the son of a being divine. Later statues of Roman emperors would draw on the Augustus of Primaporta as propaganda to tie them closer to the Julian line (Lodge 3). In order to do this, we must firstly discuss, who Virgil and Augustus really where, what their relationship to each other was, what is the Aeneid, and finally how was it useful to Augustus. Roman Propaganda in the Age of Augustus Alex Pollok Dominican University of California Survey: Let us know how this paper benefits you. Augustus' use of literature, propaganda, coins and buildings to maintain his image as Princeps was highly successful. Gaius Octavius was a talented 18 year old when he was adopted by his great-uncle ,Julius Caesar and officially renamed Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus. Augustus' success at gaining absolute authority over Rome can be attributed in great part to the aggressive propaganda campaign carried out by Augustus' friend and advisor, Maecenas. Nehal Housny Professor Jose Gomez-Rivera Western Civilization November 7 , 2013 Augustus was a master of propaganda who employed Ancient and Hellenized Egypt as a means to legitimize his power in Rome after the Battle of Actium. In this essay, we will look at how Augustus gained propaganda value from the works of Virgil’s Aeneid. This Senior Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by the Student Scholarship at Dominican Scholar. It has been accepted for inclusion in Senior Theses and Capstone Projects by an authorized administrator of Dominican Scholar. So firstly we will look at Virgil. One of the most influential rulers in ancient history. My Essay 2835 Words | 12 Pages.