When PM Narendra Modi referred to Balochistan in his Independence Day speech, he did not just touch upon a sensitive spot in Pakistan’s political history, but also gave out a clear signal that India will no longer be “cornered and submissive” on the Kashmir issue. 7:14 PM | December 05, 2015. The following projects have been planned in Balochistan under CPEC. Yogeena Veena.

How Balochistan became a part of Pakistan – a historical perspective The true history of Balochistan is never shared or talked about among the general public of Pakistan. Balochistan consists of the south west of Pakistan. Tweet. 18, Issue – 1, 31-43 Political Instability: A case study of Pakistan ... situation in Sindh and Balochistan are good examples in this regard. Share: Share. IB February 1 CPEC: Benefits for Balochistan 5, 2016 trade, transportation, and economic activity. Download PDF Full Report (en) ... President Pervez Musharraf and the military are responsible for the worsening of the conflict in Balochistan. The port will be a catalyst for industrial production on a mass scale. Balochistan to Pakistan is much the same as what Kashmir is to India.

Balochistan, also spelled Balūchistān, westernmost province of Pakistan.It is bordered by Iran (west), by Afghanistan (northwest), by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab provinces (northeast and east), by Sindh province (southeast), and by the Arabian Sea (south).. Journal of Political Studies, Vol. In the west it borders with Afghanistan and Iran and in the south it has the Arabian Sea. 2 | Balochistan Comprehensive Development Strategy | 2013 -2020 Draft Message by the Chief Minister The Balochistan Comprehensive Development Strategy (BCDS) 2013-2020 is the roadmap of the Government of Balochistan towards the long … Tensions between the government and its Baloch opposition have grown because of Islamabad’s heavy-handed armed response to Baloch militancy and its refusal to negotiate demands for political and economic autonomy. Draft Balochistan Comprehensive Development Strategy 2013 -2020 Planning and Development Department - Government of Balochistan . Decades of serious political and administrative neglect has aggravated the whole issue. BALOCHISTAN – PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE Zahid Latif Mirza Abstract Since independence Pakistan’s largest province having geo-strategic importance and unlimited natural resources inducing a coastal line has remained plagued with unrest and disturbances.