Bird flu, also called avian influenza, is a viral infection that can infect not only birds, but also humans and other animals. A bird flu outbreak extended its reach in Russian Siberia and spread to Mongolia yesterday, and neighbouring Kazakhstan confirmed a fowl virus found in the Central Asian state could kill humans. By April 2004, the outbreak had been eradicated. Latest updates about Bird Flu and Bird Flu food articles on NDTV Food Food. Most forms of the virus are restricted to birds. Wild bird flu could mutate into deadly human pandemic. Dec. 10, 2019 — Normally, bird flu viruses do not spread easily from person to person. Doctors attended to a H7N9 bird flu patient in Wuhan, China, in February. Google Flu Trends gets it wrong three years running. View Bird Flu Videos, Recipes, Food Articles and explore more on Bird Flu 'Highly pathogenic' bird flu has broken out in two Chinese provinces near Hubei since the beginning of the month as Beijing struggles to contain the novel coronavirus currently ravaging the country. Threatwatch: Mother virus of China's deadly bird flu.
The best way to beat bird flu and other zoonotic diseases is to keep humans and wildlife healthy.

Bird Flu Is Spreading in Asia, Experts (Quietly) Warn. By David Biello on April 23, 2008; Share on Facebook. How to Clip Bird Flu's Wings. The outbreak involved an H5N2 virus (not the H5N1 bird flu). But if this does happen, it could trigger a pandemic. For example, in 2004 a highly dangerous bird flu strain appeared in a Texas chicken flock.