Over the past three decades, pundits and prognosticators have proclaimed the looming arrival of the paperless office. Apart from preserving trees, when you are working in a paperless office it will be much easier to get hold of documents. By Anna Johansson The concept of a paperless office isn’t a new one; the term started circulating in the early 1980s. A paperless office also supports Earth-friendly efforts like water conservation (a single sheet of paper requires five liters of water to make). Transitioning to a paperless office As an independent broker, in 2011 my brokerage began an 18-month conversion from a paper-filled office to a paperless one, and it was not without its challenges. In the following article, you'll learn more about the challenges of converting to a paperless office and how PDFelement can help. January 22, 2014 Evernote, going paperless, software Jamie Todd Rubin. We’ll also share some useful ideas on how to go paperless that will help you transform your office’s work practices.

Y esterday, I had a guest post on the Evernote Blog about paperless team meetings. Partially in response, David Barber wrote a post called “Why Technology is Never as Easy as They Say.” You should go read his post because there is a lot of truth in it. Paperless offices will always help in preserving wildlife, reducing pollution, reducing the reliance upon the waste that is created by documents over businesses. Whether you're using Windows or MacOS, you will be able to create a paperless office easily with PDFelement. Convincing agents in our brokerage to adapt to new technology was only one piece of this challenge. Can you go paperless and throw away the printer or is that still just a dream? A paperless office is a green office, in more ways than one. The Challenges of Going Paperless. Going paperless will reduce up to 50 percent of your business’ waste and greatly reduce your carbon footprint and impact on the local landfill. Paperless offices can process a much larger volume of paperwork compared to traditional offices in the same amount of time. Going paperless may be the ultimate goal, but even today, it is really and truly possible? July 27, 2017. Depending on the type of business you are in, there may be some obstacles to surmount before completely ditching the printer. Further, digitization reduces money spent on paper, printers, ink, postage, office space for files and employee time to manage paperwork. As an Independent Broker, in 2011, my brokerage began an 18-month conversion from a paper-filled office to a paperless one, and it was not without its challenges. But even today, more than 30 years later, companies are finding it hard to Transitioning to a Paperless Office.