Merrigan and Huston put the reader at ease by making difficult concepts fun and easy to learn. Book > Textbooks > Communication Research Methods Expedited access to textbooks and digital content Instructors: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in support of your transition to online learning, requests for complimentary review copies of our textbooks will … : This book deals with both qualitative and quantitative approaches to research methodology; the steps followed in the research process; data collection (sampling, measuring, questioning and observing); and the procedures followed when applying a research design and interpreting research data.
His research appears in Communication Monographs, Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, Public Relations Review, Journal of Human Subjectivity, and Criminal Justice Ethics. Communication Research. Mass media comprises various forms of communication, addressing and reaching a large audience, and includes radio, television, newspapers and magazines, books, recordings, billboards and the Internet. The authors have provided an excellent reference guide to help students in communication to navigate the field, conduct data base searches, use all kinds of reference materials, make sense of research articles, and the become involved in the process of research.

Communication research generally refers to the attempt to discover trends or facts in the field of communication and mass media.

They engage the reader in a dialogue about research, making the transition from reading about to conducting research an easy one.

He is professor emeritus, Westfield State University, and has international consulting experience in agricultural extension and health communication. "Communication Research Methods is a choice textbook for anyone wanting to introduce students to the fundamentals of research. Although designed for a basic undergraduate college level, this book can work for upper and even graduate students new to communication studies. Her research has been published in Business Communication Quarterly, Communication Studies, Communication Theory, Communication Yearbook, Journal of Applied Communication Research, Journal of Business Communication, Management Communication Quarterly, Small Group Research, Southern Communication Journal, and numerous edited collections including the Handbook of Group Communication Theory and Research …