U.S. Democracy Has Weakened 'Significantly', Says Freedom House The annual report assessing global democracies warns the attack on American institutions might lead to negative effects.

Set up in honour of Newport's only British Heavyweight Champion and coveted Lonsdale Belt owner, the charity offers assistance to sporting individuals and community clubs that seek to inspire young people through community projects. The constitutional showdown between President Donald Trump and House Democrats is taking a grave new twist that threatens to embroil the nation in a … While the past four decades have seen a remarkable expansion of democracy throughout all regions of the world, recent years have been marked by declines in the fabric of both older and younger democracies.

Voter suppression – from strict ID laws to closing polling places to purging voter rolls – is deliberately making it hard to exercise the democratic franchise Democracy is championed as a universal good by the West, but we over-estimate its power to guarantee personal and political freedom, argues Roger Scruton. A democracy is government by the people, who may rule either directly or indirectly, through elected representatives. Yet in each instance, voter turnout reached just a feeble 50 percent.
Democracy Could Bounce Back in 2019 The old year saw some troubling setbacks, but things could have worked out far worse. 25 Nov 2019 Democracy is supposed to be a political system that ensures that the will of the majority of people — or more accurately a majority of voting age adults — prevails. Democracy is under threat and its promise needs revival. The Mayor’s chosen charity for 2019/20 is the David "Bomber" Pearce Legacy. In the decade following the Cold War, Africa saw many democratic success stories.

How Democracy Dies, American-Style Sharpies, auto emissions and the weaponization of policy. In the context of recent history, that was a surge.

The value, viability and future of democracy are more contested now than ever before in modern history. African democracy is in for a rough 2019.

For three decades beginning in the mid-1970s, the world experienced a remarkable expansion of democracy—the so-called third wave—with authoritarian regimes falling or reforming across the world.By 1993, a majority of states with populations over one million had become democracies.

It’s still China’s third-richest province, but through the first nine months of 2019, it grew by just 5.4%, one of the slowest in China. Disinformation, now known as fake news, has tainted public discourse for centuries, even millennia. Levels of freedom, as measured by Freedom House, were steadily rising as well.