Some won’t even think about planting crops without this information. Horary astrology can offer insight, but ultimately you must make the decision--it's not simply the stars saying what to do or what not to do. Even today most farmers have a Farmer’s Almanac. Astrology . In the hectic and generally disconnected modern society, you feel connected — both to another human being and to the world around you. This is a form of astrology, although many people do not realise it. The genius behind astrology readings is that they are vague enough to be ascribed to virtually any personality and life. Marcia Montenegro’s point of view is that you do not read horoscope because if you are reading it just for fun you would be habitual to it and more curious and fascinated about your future. Do you believe it? Why we believe in astrology? You are told relatively flattering things about your character and life, and in the end, you are naturally pleased that someone cares about you. Does it seem accurate to you? Another reason why people believe in astrology and think it works is that astrology is nonfalsifiable, it cannot possibly be found to be wrong. This book tells you when to plant your crops, and many people have success. Created: Jun 8, 2011, 00:00 IST. An astrological reading is almost like mad libs: It provides the structure, but you fill in the blanks. Do your whole birth chart sometime and decide if it really tells you anything about yourself. By - Sunita Chabra. 5/5. Astrology is widely practiced today. Why We Believe Horoscopes Living in the 21st century means living in the age of technological wonders, allowing people to do things that would be considered magic a century ago. Why or why not?

Look up your horoscope for today. Why should we believe in astrology? So no matter how real a horoscope prediction may seem, astrology is not scientific, as the Asap Thought video above explains. Astrology is an amazing science that is being overgeneralized into useless garbage that causes people not to believe. It s … Should astrologers give a wrong statement they always have a plausible explanation, such as the client does not know himself or another feature is responsible. All of us have different thinking and we can’t change each other’s mind.
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