It is by far the best class I have taken while at NYU. Looking back, I got more out that one seminar than all my other courses put together. PERSUASIVE ESSAY 1 While I have taken many courses throughout my studies here at Southern New

One of the disadvantages with online courses is they are often more expensive than regular classes. The fact is -- online courses offer flexibility and convenience that are often vital to students who work and have families. The lesson will then conclude with an analysis section highlighting important parts of the essay. This was a dual credit class that I took in high school that I thought would be easy. My most valuable class was definitely a graduate seminar on program synthesis taught by Rastislav Bodik (CS294–80 at Berkeley). This is a class that can be compared to the Gestalt principle, “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”. While online courses have advantages, they also have disadvantages. I have gained knowledge on essay writing, referencing and a variety of research methods which have all been helpful. I cannot even begin to express how much I have enjoyed this course.

I see these skills as the basic tools I will need to progress through my course and complete the foundation degree and hopefully, these will be transferable Productive and rewarding. There would have been no USA today if nobody had dared to venture out and thus discovered the new world. have taken another Education course to learn more about in-classroom strategies and teaching strategies rather than about rocks. Sample Essay. I have been a student at California State University Channel Islands (CI) for 5 semesters, and over the course of my stay I have grown and learned more that I thought possible. The most valuable courses were the Science and Math methods courses. There would not be Space-shuttles or Airbus-380 if everybody had played it safe on the ground.
It made an incredible impact on my life.” — “This class has by far been my favorite course at NYU for many reasons. We would not have any friends if we had not taken the risks of reaching out to other people and maybe have got rejected in return. Essay 2 A class that I have taken outside my major that surprised me the most would be Spanish. View Essay - Reflection Essay.docx from ENG -123 at Southern New Hampshire University. • In art education we were not regarded to take the majority of the Education courses.

I came to this school from Moorpark Community College already knowing that I wanted to be an English teacher; I had taken numerous English courses and though I knew exactly what I was headed for-was I ever wrong. Thank you, Josh, for your time, wisdom, and passion.