Color is a phenomenon of light that may be described in terms of an individual’s visual perception of hue, saturation, and lightness for objects. This is because our sky and water are blue in color. Essay on why i am proud of my country; Schools & universities in Pakistan; Travel Guides In Pakistan; Websites in Pakistan; Business Guide; News. Teenagers, nowadays wear very attractive colored outfit such as pink which provides a very elegant and girly style look every girl would love to wear.

Essay on Life 300 Words. It expresses passion and draws attention to itself, positive and negative, and it has also been known to cause a rise in a person’s blood pressure. Blue and other bright colors are also worn and they can do wonder to a simple look. The inhabitants of the Earth heavily rely and owe its life to the magnificent power of light and color. International; Start comparative art essay; Sports; Countries. They all have their own color and feeling.

From what research has shown, Red is an extremely intense color. Colors are like emotions, they range from so many things, Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, Dark Ebony and light hearty Pink just like the many emotions in life every one is so diverse and unique in it's own way like Sadness, Love, Joy and Fear. Beautiful Colours Of Life Essay, infectious disease physician resume, choose topic research proposal, aircraft charter services. Followed by secondary colors and then more complex color mixtures including green, purple, orange, black, grey and white. A sense of triumph is developed in three different scenes using visual and verbal techniques of color, costume, camera angles and shots and sound.
It is hard to imagine a life without color. Colors are very important aspect in the home decoration field. Blue universally recognize as the color of life and renewal. It can evoke peace, tranquility, stability, harmony, unity and security.