The fundamental bases for developing this industry in Nepal are outlined bellow.

There is great possibility of development of tourism in Nepal because Nepal is a mountainous country. Development of the tourism industry in Nepal plays a vital role in the socio-economic development of the country. The thesis would also cover the research and data collection part where the methods used to collect data and information would be talked about. Our country Nepal is rich in natural beauties gifts, resources and wonders.
Nepal also does have many prospects for tourism development. Tourism industry is the largest service industry and source of foreign exchange and revenue; it is the main source of economic sustenance after agriculture in Nepal. Above analysis indicates that Nepal is a unique place for visitors or tourists.Similarly, tourism has a great importance in Nepal. The aim of writing this thesis is to discuss the types and prospects of tourism in Pokhara city of Nepal and to analyze the outcome from the tourism industry.

The form of tourism can be of various types. Everyone loves travelling and exploring new things. Likewise, the troubles and problems in accumulating the data would also be covered in details in project … The long chain of beautiful mountains with highest peaks of the world, lakes, various flora and fauna, cultural heritage, religious places and polite manners of the people have made a great possibility of development in Nepal. Fast flowing river, evergreen hills, snow capped mountains etc makes Nepal look attractive and majestic. Natural beauty:The picturesque Himalayan range on the northern part of Nepal provide numerous charming scenes and scenery. Prospects of Tourism Industry includes Natural beauty, Religious places, Art and architecture, Climate and cultural diversity and Less expensive. Nepal is a country full of natural beauty. However, Nepal is not able to sufficiently develop this sector, because there occurs following challenges or problems: Essay on Tourism in Nepal. in the remote areas of the country. Further, this articles examines the prospects, and review of literature, review of tourism sector in periodic plan, and some problems facing tourism sector and some suggestion for the development of tourism sector. A Book Report On Tourism Business In Nepal Chapter-1 Introduction to Tourism Tourism nowadays has been an essential activity all over the world. The birth place of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, Lumbini falls to the south of Nepal and is one of the highlights of tourism in Nepal. Most of the people are quite familiar with the tourism as it has become the modern needs and demands of all people. new types of tourism in Nepal in brief.