However, once I began to make my way through research, I realized that research ethics is a core aspect of the research work and the foundation of research design. QE Quantitative ethics involves the use of quantitative methods for examining ethics-related issues in human interactions and institutions. Informed consent is the major ethical issue in conducting research. Ethics in Qualitative Research Issues in Qualitative Research Although ethical review boards scrutinize most nursing research proposals, the researchers are ultimately responsible for protecting the participants. According to Armiger: "it means that a person knowingly, voluntarily and intelligently, and in a clear and manifest way, gives his consent" . “Methodology is the philosophical framework within which the research is conducted or the foundation upon which the research … Major ethical issues in conducting research. The most essential mandate of ethical considerations is that all the sources used in the research have to be properly acknowledged. The summary will also discuss methods used, the research design, results that were obtained and ethical considerations. Ethical Issues There are many organizations, like the Committee on Publication Ethics , dedicated to promoting ethics in scientific research. A research summary is a condensed version of a study. Dresser (1998) said that the administrative burden of ethical reviews and procedures is balanced by the protection of participants. Informed consent. Datasets like the Business Bribery Index (BBI) and the World Value Survey (WVS) are examples of the quantitative data that can be utilized by ethicists as a means to test their ethical hypotheses. Abstract. Initial meetings with supervisors or research collaborators involve addressing questions around the nature and scope of the research question, the methodological tools that will be used to collect data and the ease with which entry into the field of research is possible. It should include the issue studied, its significance and purpose. Acknowledging the sources used is essential for ethical considerations. Research can be defined as “an activity that involves finding out, in a more or less systematic way, things you did not know” (Walliman and Walliman, 2011, p.7). There are some academically acknowledged ways by means of which the ethical considerations of research can be met. For beginning researchers undertaking their first major research project, can often be a time of mixed emotions.

Writing a Research Summary and Ethical Considerations.