36, No. Cultural competence and ethical decision making are two separate, yet intrinsically related concepts which are central to services rendered by all health care professionals.
Ethical issues influencing the acceptance and rejection of cross-cultural researchers who visit various countries / Richard W. Brislin ; Issues relating to the publication and dissemination of cross-cultural research data / Walter J. Lonner ; On some methodological issues in cross-cultural psychology / discussant, Carol R. Ember Projects are often conducted in a multi-disciplinary, cross-functional, cross-cultural environment. Informed consent is the major ethical issue in conducting research. For instance, it could be difficult to attribute reasons for differences between groups to cultural variables when geographic locale, history, and language overlapped to the point that groups shared cultural …

The classic problem in cross-cultural research, ‘Galton's problem’, was due to the comparison of cases that overlapped in ways that made the trustworthiness of the comparisons suspect (Legesse, 1973). I will consider cross-cultural education, education about …

386-399. According to Armiger: "it means that a person knowingly, voluntarily and intelligently, and in a clear and manifest way, gives his consent" . Ø Cultural relativism: Each culture determines on its own what is right or wrong. Ethical issues in cross-cultural research.

Informed consent. DOI: 10.4135/9781483348971.n21 Corpus ID: 147962136. Cultural competence is based on ethical principles and informs ethical decision making. Ethical Issues in Cross-Cultural Psychology @inproceedings{Matsumoto2009EthicalII, title={Ethical Issues in Cross-Cultural Psychology}, author={David Matsumoto and Caroline Anne Leong Jones}, year={2009} } The purpose of this paper is to explore cross-cultural education, however, this too can be confusing. (2013). or to comparisons of them." The choice between these is not as easy as it first seems. Ø Meta-ethic: There is some overarching ethical ideal or system that can be applied to all cultures. This becomes even more evident in managing international projects, global organizations, outsourcing agreements, and other multi-cultural teams.
International Journal of Research & Method in Education: Vol. Cross-Cultural Methodological Issues in Ethical Research Gael McDonald ABSTRACT.

Major ethical issues in conducting research. 4, pp. The Webster’s New College Dictionary defines cross-cultural as, "of or relating to different cultures, nations etc.