Thus, Sandelowski, in her discussion of sample size in qualitative research, emphasizes that both too few and too many groups can lower the quality of focus group studies .

(1994). "Making sense of focus groups." 39(7), 742-750. Focus group interviews are considered as a qualitative study whereby the perspectives of the respondents are transcribed so that how a group thinks about an issue is assessed (Doody, Slevin, & Taggart, 2013). Qualitative Health Research. "The group effect in focus groups: Planning, implementing and interpreting focus group research." Because panel size does matter, though perhaps not as much as it does in quantitative research, when we’re aiming for a statistically meaningful number. Medical Education. These empirically based findings suggest focus group sample sizes that differ from many of the “rule of thumb” recommendations in the existing literature. Barbour, RS.

One previously published focus-group study is used as an illustrative example, along with other examples from the field of pedagogic research in geography higher education.

Focus group discussion is a technique where a researcher assembles a group of individuals to discuss a specific topic, aiming to draw from the complex personal experiences, beliefs, perceptions and attitudes of the participants through a moderated interaction (Cornwall & Jewkes, 1995; Hayward, Simpson, & Wood, 2004; Israel, Schulz, Parker, & Becker, 1998; Kitzinger, 1994; Morgan, 1996). pp.

Three focus groups were also enough to identify all of the most prevalent themes within the data set.

Group sizes will be between 4-6 participants, with a degree of flexibility, and staff who are interested to participated and cannot attend a focus group due to schedule difficulties (e.g. (2005).

225-251. We discuss the relative generalizability of our findings to other study contexts, and we highlight some methodological questions about adequate sample sizes for focus group research. "Overview of focus group research."

5(4). Market research firms spend sizeable amounts of thought, time, and money refining their recruiting efforts.

They know if they don’t deliver enough of the right people for a focus group, their reputation in the business world suffers. Let’s explore this whole issue of panel size and what you should be looking for from participant panels when conducing qualitative research. In contrast, public sector organizations tend to underestimate the importance and difficulty of recruiting participants.