All entities that collect or process the personal information of EU residents must comply with GDPR rules, but there are GDPR exemptions. ☐ We justify and document our reasons for relying on an exemption. 6. These articles list the exact information you have to provide. Find out who is exempt from GDPR and whether you must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation ahead of the May 25, 2018 deadline. Exemption from Article 15 of the GDPR: serious harm U.K.. 5 (1) Article 15(1) to (3) of the GDPR (confirmation of processing, access to data and safeguards for third country transfers) do not apply to data concerning health to the extent that the serious harm test is met with respect to the data. 5. Exemption from the listed GDPR provisions: data subject’s expectations and wishes. 8. (d) Part 4 makes provision restricting the application of rules contained in Articles 13 to 15 of the GDPR in specified circumstances, as allowed for by Article 23(1) of the GDPR; (e) Part 5 makes provision containing exemptions or derogations from Chapters II, III, IV, V and VII of the GDPR for reasons relating to freedom of expression, as allowed for by Article 85(2) of the GDPR; At the moment you collect personal data from a user, you need to communicate specific information to them.

Exemption from Article 15 of the GDPR: serious harm.
If you don’t collect the information directly from the user, you are still required to provide them with similar information. Read GDPR Article 14. 7.
Restriction of Article 15 of the GDPR: prior opinion of appropriate health professional. Exemptions ☐ We consider whether we can rely on an exemption on a case-by-case basis. PART 3 Social work data. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018. 4. Exemption from the listed GDPR provisions: data processed by a court. Definitions. ☐ Where appropriate, we carefully consider the extent to which the relevant GDPR requirements would be likely to prevent, seriously impair, or prejudice the achievement of our processing purposes.