All you need is rubbing alcohol, water, and a lighter. The water will soak the paper, leaving pulp mostly, and by the time you remove it, the writings should be totally illegible. Got it (im scientist and doctorate in chemistry) How To : Smoke weed in the bathroom without getting caught This guy sets up his bathroom, fit with towel at the door, an open window, blunt and a smoke trapper custom made from a toilet paper … Remove any unburned paper pieces once all the paper is burnt. This keeps the fire from becoming too large, particularly if doing this in the kitchen sink. You should avoid burning anything that can be composted, including most packaging and soft prunings, or that can be easily recycled, such as newspapers.

Keep adding paper until it is all burnt.

People think ash is an unburnt carbon. Burn the strip completely before adding another strip. Just put the paper in the water-filled container, seal the container, and leave the paper there for a few days depending on the volume of the paper. A small volume can use a few hours to get destroyed by water. if it is unburnt it can be burn again, but it won't happen.. well buddy, finally your Flash paper is pure carbohydrate dry pup (chemically) so it won't give ash and produces CO2 and steam (H2O. Burn a paper bill without damaging it. but its wrong.