0) You need to rent/buy a place with several offices and equipment. As an independent researcher without a doctorate this becomes more difficult but not impossible. I’d recommend only posting availability for tasks you can perform at no cost, as it’s unlikely you can compete with the university vendors on material cost. Where appropriate, the VPRED will work with the provost and deans to create a funding plan as long as the center / institute activities meet university goals and objectives. Research center mat consist of a handful of researchers focusing on a particular topic whereas Research institute should be much larger. Conversely, centers and institutes may form and dissolve, recombine and fracture as scholarly problems and issues arise and fade. They should be good and famous enough to raise funding for the center/institute. The rise of low-cost non-profit open access publishing models is beginning to enable research findings to be shared and further reduce the reliance on the university model of research… There are a number of websites such as Science Exchange or Assay Depot that outsource lab tasks. However, it depends on the type of research and the Institute's ethical team. Getting ethical clearance (alone) from any independent institute is a good option to ponder. 1) You need to have productive and creative researchers.