The Holy Land, Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt, and Nubia of 1842-49 : a ... Lalla Essaydi (Arabic: لالة السعيدي ) (Moroccan, b. Triptych of photographic prints, 2005.

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Lalla Essaydi (b. List of Orientalist artists. Inspired by the East trailer Trailer for Inspired by the East: how the Islamic world influenced Western art From our blog How did the Islamic world influence Western art? 1956), 'Les Femmes du Maroc'. The Moroccan artist Lalla Essaydi decontextualizes this work in her Femmes du Maroc: Grand Odalisque (2008), stating that through her reimagining she seeks "to present myself through multiple lenses as artist, as Moroccan, as Saudi, as traditionalist, as Liberal, as Muslim.

Etching on paper, 1819. Because of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Epidemic, all public Masses at St Robert of Newminster Catholic Church and St Bede’s Catholic Church, Bedlington are cancelled until further notice.

... (1763–1831), 'Interior of part of the harem of the Grand Seigneur'. In short, I invite viewers to resist stereotypes".