Jenna Hansen Lifespan Reflection Paper PSY1100 - Flynt The lifespan human development perspective is described as from our lecture notes as, “the process of change associated with age which characterizes all human beings from As middle age lurked its unwanted presence I began to recognize how true and applicable the saying “life is too short” applied to almost everything the average middle-aged person set to accomplish. The stages of development start from infancy (birth to 1 year) and end at late adulthood (60 + years). Don't use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay on Reflection on Lifespan Development Just from $13,9/Page. Life Span Development Reflective Paper 5968 Words 24 Pages The goal of this paper is to show how my knowledge and understanding of life span development has increased, as well as demonstrate how this knowledge and understanding will apply to and can be used within my area of specialization, Leadership Coaching. Life Span Development Reflective Paper Introduction Brenda Watson Leadership Coaching September 19, 2010 This has been a very fascinating journey from prenatal, birth to old age. Reflection Paper On Lifespan Development 1171 Words | 5 Pages. Lifespan Development and Personality Paper The physical and cognitive development in lifespan development differs between the stages of development. The stage I would like to focus on is … On October 13, 2017, our Life-Span Development class had the opportunity to observe the physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development of Levi, a seventeen-month-old male toddler.