millions of people are faced with this challenge. can happen at any age and common causes include impact from acc ident, and weak bones . Hip fracture is increasingly becoming a global health challenge. B0 is the intercept, the predicted value of y when the x is 0. Subj: Linear Regression . Thousa nds, if not .

Simple linear regression is the statistic method used to make summary of and provide the association between variables that are continues and quantitative ,basically it deals with two measures that describes how strong the linear relationship we can compute in data .Simple linear regression consist of one variable known as the predictor variable and the other variable denote y known as response variable . Introduction . Linear regression is a statistical method of estimating the expected value of one variable, y, given the value of another variable, x.

The term simple linear regression refers to the use of one independent variable, x, to predict one dependent variable, y. This essay would like to use the linear regression and statistical analysis to give the solutions and advise. According to Anderson (2015), hip fracture . In order to give the Classification Discussed research to answer the questions, this report will be divided into three significant parts, which are basic linear regression, time effect and further research. The formula for a simple linear regression is: y is the predicted value of the dependent variable ( y) for any given value of the independent variable ( x ). Correlation and simple linear regression methods assess the degree of strength, direction of association, and a linear summary of... UK Essays FREE Providers of free study resources 2.