They set out what is to be achieved in a research study in specific terms. RESEARCH OBJECTIVES M.C.Masatu, MD, MSc, PhD 2. 1 . Meaning of Research in Research Methodology. Research objectives Research objectives are derived from the purpose. • Objective is a purpose that can be reasonably achieved within the expected timeframe and with the available resources. Research may be very broadly defined as systematic gathering of data and information and its analysis for advancement of knowledge in any subject. re is a prefix meaning again, new or over again search is a verb meaning to examine closely and carefully, to test and try, or to proved. PowerPoint Presentation: The word research is composed of two syllables, re and search . The Advanced Learner‟s Dictionary of Current English lays down the meaning of research as, “a careful investigation or inquiry specially through search for new facts in any branch of knowledge”. Research attempts to find answer intellectual and practical questions through application of systematic methods. • The research objectives are the specific accomplishments the researcher hopes to … • The objective of research project summarizes what is to be achieved by the study. Research objectives 1. In stating objectives, just like in purpose of the study, They are crucial in any research since they determine the kind of questions and procedures to be used in data collection, and analysis. Research refers to a search for knowledge. Research is an art of scientific investigation. OUTLINE Meaning of research objectives Importance of research objectives Types of research objectives Qualities of specific objectives 3. MEANING OF RESEARCH OBJECTIVES AND TYPES OF RESEARCH. 11.