Meghan's column about politics and social issues appeared on the Los Angeles Times op-ed page from 2005 to 2016. Daum earns the right to every mordant joke, every radioactive metaphor, every fiercely honed insight into modern life—stirring or sorrowful—that she supplies. Select columns from previous years can be found here. The name of Meghan Daum’s new essay collection promises transgression and absolute candor, pledging that what’s unsayable won’t be left unsaid. Last August, when the writer Meghan Daum published her essay “Nuance: A Love Story” on the Medium publication GEN (where she’s a biweekly columnist), it touched a nerve. An American author, essayist and journalist named Meghan Daum was born in 1970 in California. With new introduction by the author. The essay My Misspent Youth, which originally appeared in The New Yorker in 1999, is available as a Longform reprint. Recent columns are below.

Everyone who’s writing essays professionally these days owes a debt to Meghan Daum, whether they know it or not. “Once upon a time, in the early 1990s,” Meghan Daum writes in “The Unspeakable,” her new essay collection, Generation X was “the cohort people were interested in.” Her 2001 collection My Misspent Youth paved the way for many people’s careers, including my own.More than any of her contemporaries, Daum staked a claim on the trickier-than-it-looks style that combines journalistic rigor with exactly the right amount of subtle humor. "Meghan Daum is the real thing: a writer whose autobiographical essays—generous, frank and unusually hilarious—reflect a steady, unflinching gaze at the truth. She's attenetd the Columbia University School of Arts, Vassar College and Columbia University.

The 2001 cult classic, now reissued! The essay gives a short insight into Meghan’s life right after college. One of her brilliant essays named "Difference Maker" successfully made it into the 2015 Best American Essays Novel. Los Angeles Times.