The Illinois Health and Engagement through the Lifespan Project, or I-HELP, is a group of people from the community who play an important role in science by working as research participants. With Survey Feeds, we make it fast, safe, and easy for you to get paid from home! Well, with paid research studies you can.

With Clinical Trials GPS, it's super easy to find new research studies in Illinois. If you’re looking to make extra money, then you should consider working with one of these universities that offer paid studies near you. Beckman labs are always looking for volunteers to participate in studies.

Couples can earn $250 ($125 per person) for completing a series of online surveys and an interview session. Survey Feeds gathers the best paid research studies, focus groups and surveys from trusted and reliable sources to get money in your pocket no matter where you are. (Loss of heterozygosity [LOH] testing discontinued as of April 2014) II. While some individuals are looking for paid clinical trials, others want to help advance hematology and urology clinical research in Illinois. Research staff are looking for you!

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... the Prairie State has established itself as a great location for clinical research studies, particularly in cities like Chicago and Peoria. Get enrolled today! We take pride in curating these paid surveys from top local and national research companies! Trials are actively conducted by hospitals, universities, foundations, and contract research organizations (CROs, firms that conduct studies for big pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies). By participating in clinical trials, you can gain access to new research treatments before they are widely available, play a more active role in your own health care, and help others by contributing to the advancement of medical knowledge and research. PRIMARY OBJECTIVES: I. Classify patients with renal tumors by histological categorization, surgico-pathological stage, presence of metastases, age at diagnosis, tumor weight, and loss of heterozygosity for chromosomes 1p and 16q, to define eligibility for a series of therapeutic studies. There are many universities that pay people, including students and members of the general public to participate in a wide range of studies and surveys. There are numerous ways to identify clinical trials looking for healthy human volunteers.

You can also email us, or call us at 217-300-3586. Paid Participant Pool The Psychology Paid Participant Pool provides the opportunity to receive payment for participating in studies conducted by members of the Psychology Department.

Professor Eli Finkel in the Northwestern University Psychology Department is conducting a 2-year research study about people’s life experiences and romantic relationships. …

All studies are conducted in accordance with the ethical procedures established by the …