Public education at a specialist science museum. It may be in public or private ownership.
This development will be a huge step forward in the progression of Pakistan. These activities may concern: Research. It works towards developing indigenous capabilities in space technology and promoting space applications for socio-economic uplift of the country. Government programs of a space agency. Pakistan will establish its very first ever Space Center which will be known as the Pakistan Space Center.
Pakistan will dedicate the facility to the manufacture, testing, integration, and launch of various satellite operations. Manufacturing of major parts of space vehicles. National Health Research Complex (NHRC) was established during 1985-1986 as a main centre, to honor the mandate given to the Pakistan Health Research Council.

Pakistan has space research agency called The Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) founded by Abdus Salam (a noble prize winner in the field of physics) but SUPARCO is not capable to do projects like ISRO,NASA,ESA and many other countries.SUPARCO has been surrounds with many problem like corruption,lack of money,top class … Space and Atmospheric Research Center, Karachi Static Test Unit, Karachi In June 1998 the US Commerce Department implemented the Clinton Administration's sanctions on India and Pakistan. Launch of space vehicles. Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO), the national space agency is mandated to conduct R&D in space science, space technology, and their peaceful applications in the country. Pakistan must develop a serious space program, especially in the face of a resurgent Indian space program. A space center is a place dedicated to space-related activity. NHRC was the lead organization for National Health Survey of Pakistan (1990-94) and has been the focus of research activities both nationally and internationally.

The facility will be called Pakistan Space Centre (PSC), according to the Associated Press of Pakistan, and it will have the capability to manufacture, test, integrate, launch and carry out … In orbit control of space vehicles.