Companies in the Paper & Forest Products Industry primarily operate in the paper, lumber/building supply, and timberland markets. Those serving the paper segment produce various products used in magazines, envelopes, containerboard, and food and beverage packaging. Read our latest research, articles, and reports on Paper & Forest Products. Nationwide, the U.S. forest products industry: Employs approximately 950,000 workers in green jobs, making the industry a top 10 manufacturing employer in 45 states; The forest products industry makes products essential for everyday life from renewable and recyclable resources that sustain the environment. Paper & Forest Products Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis Forest products represent a variety of cellulosic (wood-based) materials harvested from forests, and include paper, wood pulp, lumber, sawmill products, forest-derived millwork products, and livestock feed. The forest products industry is global, capital-intensive, and can be internally competitive for resources.

Yet given the confluence of technological changes, demographic changes, and resource concerns that we anticipate over the next decade, we believe the industry will have to embrace change that is, in character, as well as pace, vastly different from what we have seen before—and anything but traditional. McKinsey uses cookies to improve site functionality, provide you with a better browsing experience, and … Our Industry. Paper & forest products industry comprises companies that operate by producing products made by companies that are primarily into manufacturing of timber, related wood products, and all grades of paper. Others in the building materials category supply commercial and residential construction companies with oriented strand board, siding, engineered and composite wood items…

That’s why Fastmarkets RISI covers the entire market and provides insight not available from any other source.

It includes manufacturers of lumber for the building industry. Understanding macroeconomic trends, and the impact of one industry on another is critical to being successful.

The paper and forest-products industry is often labelled a “traditional” industry.