Sacks Packaging has the capability and capacity to print complex designs on both brown and bleached craft papers. Over the last few years Sacks Packaging has upgraded its equipment through capital expenditure or a mass refurbishment program.

You then simply pay the licence fee for the paper sacks distributed in Germany directly to REPASACK in equal instalments throughout the year. Mondi is a leader in packaging and paper, delighting customers with innovative and sustainable packaging and paper solutions. As an alternative, you can purchase paper sacks with the REPASACK symbol from the paper sack manufacturer and pay the licence fee for the total volume bought to REPASACK GmbH via the sack manufacturer. This printed material is then converted into either a multilayer paper sack or a self opening (SO) bag. Işıklar Paper Sack has been founded in 2011 in Erbil to manufacture and sell paper sacks to mainly cement industry in Iraq and other industries like construction chemicals,minerals. Paper lined sacks are manufactured using the same production techniques as foil lined sacks. Forum Packaging is renowned throughout the paper sack industry for its award winning print capabilities, and respected as one of the leading packaging companies in the UK supplying all types of sacks and preprinted material into a wide variety of market sectors. International Standard ISO 7965/1 was prepared by Technical Committee ISO/TC 122, Packaging. Paper sacks A wide range of paper sacks for numerous applications Gascogne Sacs assists every customer in choosing the right packaging depending on the type of bagged product, intended market and technical, regulatory and environmental requirements. Paper lined sacks are used in applications that specify minimal ingress of water or water vapour onto the product in the sack and/or no light penetration. 2. 1 Scope and field of application This part of ISO 7965 specifies a method of vertical impact testing on a filled paper sack by dropping. These sacks have a hot melt top and are pinch bottom. Paper bags and paper sacks have numerous applications, ranging from the packaging of powdered products such as cement (where special self-sealing valves are inserted into the sack during its manufacture) to hermetically sealable sacks for the safe transport of food products and hazardous or odorous substances.