The towel does not get wet because the glass is …
Here is a "magic" trick you can do to excite children about reading or just for fun! Open paper towel and trace the drawing on the other page. Fold the towel in half and write a message on the front.

Then pen down the secret message inside the fold. If you want to try it then all you need is a paper towel and a marker. STEP 2: Draw pictures on paper towels
Bo Burnham is an amazingly talented magician. Paper towel magic trick. Fold one piece of a paper towel and draw something at the front side using a permanent marker. How to achieve this magic art trick is to use permanent markers on the top paper towel and washable markers on the bottom paper towel. What’s mesmerizing about this artis that you first see only black outlines on one side of a paper towel and as you insert it into water, colors will magically bleed and appear within the lines. Now it's time to design your pictures. Now turn your picture in something else, get creative and use regular felt tip pens for some colour! The magic towel trick involves jamming a screwed up piece of paper towel into the bottom of a glass and submerging this glass upside down into a bucket of water without the towel getting wet.