People want to know what celebrities do, say, wear, eat and drink. We are living in a celebrity obsessed world where everything that famous people do or say makes headlines. Celebrities are known to be open about their lives, but the media invades and publicizes the private matters of a celebrity’s life. It is no wonder that it is impossible to look perfect all the time, and paparazzi catch such moments by taking spontaneous photos. Although celebrities are very open about their lives, they still deserve privacy like any other American citizen. Media merely satisfies this need because it makes sound business sense for them.

If media publishes stories about the private lives of the rich and the famous, that is because there is an audience for them. In conclusion, Celebrities should be able to have a private life that stays safe and private. For instance, who is dating with whom, where they are shopping, or what they wear. They desire to know everything about them. Society forgets to realize that celebrities are people too. They do this just to attract more readers. The private life of public figures becomes unprotected. Get Your Custom Essay on Celebrities deserve privacy Just from $13,9/Page Get custom paper. Thereby, people are substantially interested in the private life of celebrities, and some of them are obsessed with celebrities. In a word public have an endless hunger for more information. Celebrities shouldn’t have to worry about the press or the paparazzi in their private life. Celebrities’ private lives might peek interest in the press, media, and the public eye, but that doesn’t given anyone the right to intrude to get the pictures and stories of celebrities’ private lives.

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