Texting and driving is a dangerous behavior for any driver. In combating the epidemic of texting and driving, there is a myriad of solutions: Put Your Phone Out of Reach. The dangers are exponentially increased when the driver is young and inexperienced. FIND MORE LEGAL ARTICLES. Texting and driving stats tell us we shouldn't be sending text messsages while driving. Teens, Texting and Driving. Possible Solutions to Texting and Driving. Reasons That People Text and Drive. In “She Texted About Dinner While Driving.Then a Pedestrian Was Dead,” Nate Schweber and Tracey Tully write about a case in New Jersey in which a woman who was texting and driving … Peel Law Firm Blog Insights and Tips From David Peel. Search. A public service announcement made by the British government concerning the dangers of teens texting while driving became a viral video sensation overnight. With a problem so vast, it may take multiple solutions to make a difference. The Dangers of Texting While Driving.

(901) 495 2524. This represents an increase over 2018 when 7.5% reported doing so, and a 102% increase compared to 2010. Attorney David Peel offers some insight here. Almost 1 in 10 Canadian drivers (9.7%) reported texting while driving in 2019. Why do we still do it? There are a number of reasons that prompt people to engage in distracted driving on the road. Related Articles. Texting behind the wheel: New ad campaign targets distracted driving. It turns out that women are more likely to: intervene if their driver is texting while driving; never send text messages while driving; and never read text messages while driving when compared to their male counterparts. Jamie Hale, M.S.

Legal Services Learn About the Areas of Law we Practice. There are many apps you can download to help you avoid texting and driving. Use apps that block texting and driving. Call Us Today! But, she added, her team tried to account for the other factors that could explain the decline -- … About Our Law Firm Learn How We Can Help You.