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Conditioned positive regard is when that love seems to only come when certain conditions are met. In this kind of love, the lover is ready to do anything for the loved one despite the circumstances. A good example for the unconditional love is the love portrayed by the mother towards his newborn child. ogers's theory states that psychologically healthy people enjoy life to the fullest and thus they are seen as fully functioning people (Humanistic Perspective, n.d.). This is increasingly evident in modern society where the fast-paced lifestyle hardly leaves any kind of room for emotional investment and connections.
There is no doubt that unconditional love is a special thing and few people are capable of giving and receiving this sort of affection.

Unconditional love is that love, which two lovers portray when they are in love with one another. Thesis statement about love: Love and property. Sample Thesis Statements on Love.

The improper of the experience of love is its public and community condition; that is, a particular form of intervention on the community violated in … Unconditional positive regard takes place when individuals, especially parents, demonstrate unconditional love.