These trees hold tons of water during rainy days to avoid floods and soil erosion in our cities and municipalities. মাস Mash Month উচ্চারণ Uccharon Pronunciation

Trees help in keeping the environment pollution free and fresh.

It is also a source of food, wood and paper products.

This essay will discuss the causes and effects of cutting trees in African forests Cutting out trees in African forests has three major causes, the first causes is using wood as a prime resource of energy , as an example trees are cut down in developing countries to be used as a firewood which are used for cooking and heating purpose.
The latest reviewed version was checked on 13 February 2020. Welcome to Students of Class 3 - Bengali Section View Essays, Articles & other information pertaining to your Class. Jump to navigation Jump to search. It is a big opportunity for all of us to save our healthy environment and green earth by saving trees. And most of our economy depends upon trees.
468 words essay on the value of trees. They help in checking environmental pollution. The old oak: a year in the life of a tree – photo essay The seasons change, but the tree remains: Christopher Thomond has been photographing a … They are home to numerous birds, insects and animals. Tarulata Dutt, also known as Toru, was born to a Bengali family on March 4, 1856 in Rambagan, Manicktollah Street, in erstwhile Calcutta.She came from a liberal family where education, art and linguistics were encouraged. Bengali Essays can be viewed on Adobe Reader only. There is 1 pending change awaiting review. বাংলা প্রবন্ধ রচনাবলি (Bangla Essay) এর ই-বুক (কম্পিউটার + মোবাইল )ভার্সন + একটা স্পেশাল এন্ড্রয়েড pdf রিড়ার(আমার খুব প্রিয় রিড়ার) … Click on the Essay Topic to Read the Essay. Bengali/Months.

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They give us fruits, wood, herbs and many things of commercial value.

Do a back on your Browser to come back to this page for more Essays. Get Essay Writing Help from a Professional Service - Get the best essay writing help for an assignment of any topic and urgency. Essay 1 (250 words) Save trees, save a life is not only a slogan, but it is also a responsibility which should be followed by each and every person living on the earth.

Trees are the natural habitat of animals, birds and other species. Get Your Custom Essay on The Importance of Tree Planting Just from $13,9/Page Get custom paper. They prevent drought and cause rainfall. She was the daughter of the famous Ray family […]

Trees are the source of oxygen and consume carbon dioxide release by all living kind.They are the source of rain as they attract clouds.. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.