Remember that because an undergraduate thesis is a strictly academic paper, formal language, proper grammar and appropriate citation of all sources is absolutely necessary. Students may borrow one thesis for two weeks on presentation of their Student ID card. That said, it does not need to be a dull, or have an overly formal tone. The thesis has been prepared without resorting to plagiarism. With this experience, there are lots of knowledge and lessons that a student can learn from it. Your writing should have a good flow, make a solid argument and keep your reader interested and engaged. Structure of the undergraduate thesis. 6. By the time you start writing your first draft, materials are supposed to be gathered, research conducted, and your thesis statement built. You are supposed to research and write for a long period of time, and it may be problematic to organize the process effectively. 5. Specifications regarding thesis format have been closely followed. 7. This function is delegated to ... been consulted by the candidate and that s/he sees room for the writing …

This module was mainly written for FKKSA students taking the Undergraduate Research Project courses, i.e., BKC3922 and BKC4944.

All sources used have been cited appropriately. The contents of the thesis have been organized based on the guidelines. GUIDELINES FOR UNDERGRADUATE DISSERTATIONS/LONG ESSAYS 2020 Version Amended March 2020 . 8 The thesis has not been submitted elsewhere for a degree.

This comprehensive step by step guide on how to write a dissertation will serve as a tool to help you with the task at hand whether you are an undergraduate, Masters or Ph.D. student working on your dissertation project or a Masters’ student developing thesis for a professional qualification. It was specifically developed to provide guidance to students in their writing task. Undergraduate Thesis Writing Guidelines. Creating an Undergraduate Dissertation: Practical Guidelines Writing a dissertation is a serious challenge for an undergraduate student. 4. Undergraduate thesis is considered as a significant task in the life of a student. Home / Blog / Undergraduate Thesis Writing Guidelines. 2 ... thesis, dissertation, long essay, research paper or term paper. Stellenbosch University does have minimal compulsory requirements applicable to all the faculties of the University, which we outline in SOME GUIDELINES FOR YOUR THESIS/DISSERTATION LAYOUT Compiled by Ronel Steyn* & Alison Bucholz* ABOUT THIS DOCUMENT There is no one-size-fits-all template for theses or dissertations. Thesis students are also welcome to borrow past theses from EIS Central. completing this guideline.