Founded. Contact Information. The USC Spatial Sciences Institute faculty and staff conduct research and collaborate in many areas within Geographic Information Science and the related disciplines. USC Dornsife linguists join engineers to research the mysteries of beatboxing April 1, 2019. USC Dornsife offers undergraduates a choice of more than 160 majors and minors, and provides advisement to undecided and undeclared students. Office of the Dean USC Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences 3551 Trousdale Pkwy., ADM 304 Los Angeles, CA 90089-4012 Telephone (213) 740-2531. 1880. USC Dornsife is creating the first new model for a leading research university in more than 50 years.
On the screen, a grainy MRI scan of a human mouth shows a tongue, leaping and curling as a sound like a snare drum rings out. New research hints at why Germany’s death toll from COVID-19 was relatively low while Italy’s and America’s spiked.

USC Dornsife researchers are creating innovative new products and businesses to mend the planet and create a strong economy Happy Families Our family relationships have considerable impact on our well-being — both positive and negative. If cities across the U.S. had moved just one week faster to shut down restaurants and businesses and order residents to stay home, they could have avoided over 35,000 coronavirus deaths by early May, new research suggests. This is a beatboxer in action — viewed from a new perspective: inside her mouth. We’re connecting nimble teams of scholars and students with leaders in the public and private sectors to help solve complex problems from multiple angles. Under this initiative the Dean’s office will contribute one-time seed research funds to USC Dornsife eligible faculty who commit to submitting a nationally competitive extramural funding proposal. At the same time, we have initiated a concerted effort to strengthen USC Dornsife’s graduate programs, which include 38 doctoral degree programs.

(Image Source: iStock/leezsnow.) Faculty. Research grants of up to $2500 intended to aid in the preparation of extramural funding proposals by New Investigators (tenured and tenure-track) in USC Dornsife. The Meaning of Place at USC Dornsife explores the physical, biological and cultural character of specific places and spaces, how human activities are organized, and how our behavior and cultural development affect local understanding and use of the environment.