Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14. Do you want to make this Valentine's Day extra special for you and your significant other? . Cards. . Men are supposed to return gifts to women on a day called "White Day" (March 14th). Students will brainstorm vocabulary related to the topic and then discuss some well-known quotes about love. I had the pants repaired, and gift-wrapped them. They may also arrange a romantic meal in a restaurant or night in a hotel. wikiHow's Valentine's Day category can help you make Valentine's Day more meaningful than ever before! "As Valentine's Day approached, I tried to think of an unusual gift for my husband. New Research February 14, 2019 Meet the Dinosaur With the Heart-Shaped Tail Bone. Today billions of dollars are spent on Valentine’s Day … For example, in the Middle Ages—which lasted from the 5th to 15th centuries in Europe—people started exchanging handmade cards with love notes inside. For me, I don't have a boyfriend or a "crush", so I don't celebrate Valentine's day. When I discovered that his favourite red-plaid pants had a broken zipper, I thought I had the perfect Valentine. Get tips on how to plan a great Valentine's Day on a budget, write a Valentine's Day poem that rhymes, celebrate an Anti-Valentine's Day, and more. People usually express love to their lovers or confess to their "crushes". On the package I put a huge red heart on which I … Common symbols of Valentine's Day are hearts, red roses and Cupid. Over one billion cards are sold and exchanged on Valentine's Day worldwide making it one of the biggest days for greeting card companies, second only to Christmas, which takes the lead at 2.6 billion. It is a festival of romantic love and many people give cards, letters, flowers or presents to their spouse or partner. . . . Today . Articles tagged as Valentine's Day. They will speak about how people can find love and read about Valentine’s traditions in the UK. Now, chocolate companies in Japan sell more than half of their annual sales during the week before Valentine's Day. In Vietnam, I found that youngster is interested in Valentine's day more than older ones. This lesson is designed to be used near the date of Valentine's Day (14 February) to talk about the topic of love and romance. This holiday is a Japanese creation. In 496 AD Pope Gelasius made it official by setting aside the day to honor St. Valentine and, a fun tradition was born! Valentine's day is a typical symbol of romantic love. . Valentine’s Day traditions have evolved a lot over the years.