Which is NOT a component of the introduction to an analytical essay? A. The essay would also describe why you feel those traits are beneficial to your friendship. The goal of the analytical essay is to analyze a topic, research it, and draw a conclusion from the information you gathered. 1.0 3 ... A teacher was quoted as saying the little boy could also pronounce the names of the foreign cities correctly. Which of the following correctly describes in analytical essay? 12. Aug 30, 2017, 11:02:56 PM Reply. Answers (2) Reign 12 January 2020 03:31. An analytical essay is used to draw comparisons to related events, and make conclusions out of the essay. Toggle navigation. What word best describes the purpose of an analytical essay +9. Find an answer to your question which of the following is a thesis statement from an analytical essay 1. Join now. it is typically written in first person point of view.d. it describes a single event or issue.c. it uses a conversational style.b. Login & Register. It explains the what, why, and how of an event or experience. To breakdown, analyze, take apart, Comment; Complaint; Link; Woodrow 12 January 2020 04:28. 4Which of the following correctly describes an analytical essay? 0. An essay to describe your best friend would include the best traits of the best friend. ^^Hope it helps. Which words BEST describe an analytical essay? B. Home; Categories . Which of the following describes a cause-and-effect essay? Login. Comment;

D. It breaks down a topic, evaluates the parts, and presents an evaluation. C. It provides descriptions that are similar or different among two objects. Analytical essays do not have to be focused on any single event. Derrick wants to work out exactly what he will say in a voiceover script for each of his slides. Which of the following correctly describes in analytical essay? How is an analytical essay the same as a narrative essay?a. - 1135032 E ANSWER! Login Area. A. an event, an action, or a situation that produces a result B. writing that explains C. the result produced from an event D. expository writing that describes the relationship between an event or circumstance and its causes 1.

Log in. Answers Nateja. Create an Account. it includes an introduction, body, and conclusion. A. state the topic B. state the evidence C. state the purpose D. state the thesis

The word that best describes the purpose of an analytical essay is interprets. The thesis statement is the sentence that describes the main idea in your essay. 0. It discusses or describes a specific aspect of a topic.