In all disciplines, knowledge is built by responding to the ideas and discoveries of those who came before us. Scholarly sources (also referred to as academic, peer-reviewed, or refereed) are written by experts in a particular field and serve to keep others interested in that field up to date on the most recent research, findings, and news. Scholarly sources have gone through a peer-review process and meet the high academic standards set by that journal and are determined to meet not only that standard, but move the field of study forward. So there. Credibility with respect to the information they provide 2. So that’d be kinda hard if you don’t know what it is. 2) Textbooks are usually based on these articles and/or are peer reviewed themselves (fact check me on this). This means that a handful of other scientists with no ties to the writer have evaluated it.

Why is it important to critically analyze sources? Why is it important to critically analyze sources? Book reviews do not count , even if they are published in an academic journal, because they are not original research and do not go through peer-review. There are two things that matter for sources: 1.

Your assignment requires you to find one, summarize it, and present it to the class. The scholarly sources are long (about 10-20 pages). Well, first of all, it’s required. Why are scholarly sources more appropriate for academic First, they are usually trustworthy because their publication process includes a peer review that helps insure their accuracy and contribution to their disciplines. Use the following checklist to evaluate your source1: Is the source peer-reviewed? View Essay - What is a scholarly source from BUSINESS 604 at Grand Canyon University. Scholarly journal articles are unique in that they require authors to document and make verifiable the sources of the facts, ideas, and methods they used to arrive at their insights and conclusions.

Apart from your assignment, scholarly articles are sources of high -quality information. They are considered more authoritative than most other sources, because each article is written by experts and reviewed by a panel of experts from the same field before publication.

Use of scholarly sources is an expected attribute of academic course work. So, why is it important you find one of these? 1) Scientific journal articles are peer reviewed, which is required before they are allowed to be published. Scholarly Articles as Sources Articles in scholarly journals are valued for several reasons. The premise of this question - that scholarly sources are “more important” - is incorrect. Scholarly journals (also called academic, professional, or peer-reviewed journals), are written by experts for other experts.